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Thomas Misson is a Melbourne-based musician from Hobart. Misson graduated with a Bmus in Music Composition with Honours from UTAS in 2016 under Dr Maria Grenfell, Russell Gilmour, and Scott Mcintyre. In 2021, he recieved an MMus from University of Melbourne under Elliott Gyger and Katy Abbott. Additional mentors have included Melody Eotvos, Ken Thomson, Yannis Kyriakides, and Kate Neal.

Misson’s compositions are inspired by psychology, the complexity of nature, politics, the extremes of the human condition and the ever-present imperfection central to it. His music often expresses a desire to reimagine familiar musical tropes in absurd, surreal, uncanny and blackly humorous ways.

Misson has a passion for expanding, enriching and recontextualising people’s relationship with music, sound, and creativity through the disciplines of teaching and music journalism. Additionally, he is an experienced pianist who has performed in many contexts, genres and capacities such as concerto soloist, jazz pianist, and accompanist/repetiteur.

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