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Composer  |  Pianist  |  Educator

Infinite Affinities (2023)

World premiere of Infinite Affinities, debuted by the acclaimed Affinity Quartet in Melbourne in July 2023. At the premiere, Infinite Affinities was programmed between Haydn and Beethoven (listen on Soundcloud or watch at 18:25 in the full performance video below).

Glow (2017)

Recorded at Trackdown Studios in Sydney by the Australian Chamber Orchestra for the Hush Foundation's album Collective Wisdom.

Listen to a 30 second excerpt below or find the full version directly on Spotify.

Hush 18 Collective Wisdom_edited_edited_

Love Theme - Second Echo (2017)

Commissioned by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra for dance troupe Second Echo's production Contested Land, which was first performed in 2018.

Saxophone Sonata (2018)

World premiere of Saxophone Sonata. Debuted by Douglas O'Connor (saxophone) and Eunmi Ko (piano) at the USF International New Music Festival in March 2020.

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